100 Years of Central Neighbourhood House – YouTube

100 Years of Central Neighbourhood House – YouTube.


People of all ages…

This video offers a timeline of success… an overview of accomplishments…

“Today in a distracted frightened world our neighbourhood continues it’s campaign against poverty, racism, and hopelessness… helping with the basics.” Offering hope. …your house

Near the end of the video there appear, too quickly to be read, quotes worth consideration. They are included here for your convenience:

“…deserves to be recognized for their skills and dedication…” – Governor General David Johnston

“…take great pride in knowing that your efforts have made a lasting difference in the lives of countless individuals.” – Prime Minister Stephen Harper

“…remarkable difference you have made in people’s lives over the years…”  – Lieutenant Governor David Onley

“…the commitment… has helped make your community and our province a better place…” – Premier Dalton McGuinty

“…its ability to persevere through times of change and adversity and to adapt to the current needs of its clients.” – Mayor Rob Ford

“Central Neighbourhood House is a second home for my kids, they love it here.” – CNH Daycare Parent

“Central Neighbourhood House has been a leader and partner in the development of the downtown east community for the past 100 years” – Regent Park Community Health Centre

“I come in with a smile and I go home with a smile.” – A Stroke Club member

“…things got really bad when I realized we couldn’t keep our apartment and feed our children. I felt so ashamed… Things aren’t perfect, but they are better. We are so appreciative that you cared about our family” – Family Support Program participant

“I…enthusiastically support the role that CNH plays in bringing together the very different economic, social and cultural groups that comprise our local community. It truly is a force for good …” – John Campey, Neighbour

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