A vision for a community centre

People are at last beginning to ask what it is that a Community Hub / Neighbourhood House thing and what will it look like. That of course depends on the community, and some start-up funding, and an opportunity to excel .

The outcome of community development with a primary goal of creating shared public space is achievable. It’s simple really. Think of it as a downtown Community Centre. A safe, family friendly, inclusive, inter-generational centrepiece¬† of community in action; an ideas bank, a meeting place, and more.

Here are a few more examples of what a community centre could look like, regardless of what we call it, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” – Shakespeare

Oak Avenue Neighbourhood Hub… Mission Statement: “We desire to be a Neighbourhood Hub. A place of home and hope partnering with similar organizations for the benefit of the community.


The following is a comprehensive scholarly study “Hubs and Healthy Children” commissioned by the Interior Health Unit using the Central Okanagan Model.


Kaslo Food Security is a project of North Kootenay Lake Community Services Society and is currently funded by Columbia Basin Trust, Interior Health and the Ministry of Social Development and Housing: BC Gaming.


How is it that we have made do for this long without a downtown community centre?!

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