Thoreau on Facebook: Just Imagine the Possibilities

Carrie Russell

ImageHenry David Thoreau and I are now Facebook friends. How awesome is that? I even received a message from him.  Well, okay, the message was from the person administering the Thoreau facebook page. Still, seeing his name and image in the corner of my screen, I couldn’t help but smile.

The moment screamed for a blog post, not just because it was fun, but also because it struck me as a little bit ridiculous. Henry David Thoreau, the man who “went to the woods to live deliberately” and “front only the essential facts of life” would abhor facebook. This is the man who famously urged, “Simplify! Simplify! Simplify!” Hard to imagine him scrolling down facebook posts on his smartphone instead of attending to the wonders around him.

But then, as I prepared to type this post, I began to wonder: Would Henry David Thoreau actually eschew Facebook if he were…

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